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Natural Hair Care Butters

Natural Butters are great for kinky hair types as they provide instant nourishment and hydration to keep it healthy. Butters such as Shea butter, Mango butter and Avocado adds volume, restores shine and protect the hair whilst minimising breakage. Below is a list of rich butters that you can add to add to your hair care regimen.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter is only found in the tropics of Africa. It is extracted from the nuts of the Shea-Karite tree. It has a high content of irremovable fatty acid. It is this irremovable fatty acid that gives Shea Butter its unique healing properties. Shea Butter provides nourishment to dry or damaged hair from the roots to the very tips, repairing and protecting against weather damage, dryness and brittleness. Damaged and brittle hair can be conditioned and revitalized by its properties. It soothes and softens dry hair. Shea butter can also be applied as a leave-in for hair. This will help to shield hair by locking or concealing the moisture in. It is also particularly beneficial for processed and heat-treated hair. It is an excellent treatment for dry scalp. It restores luster to damaged hair.

Murumuru Butter

Muru-muru seed butter is well known for its anti-inflammatory and bactericide properties; rich also in oleic and linoleic oils. Its rich oleic acid content promotes nutrition to skin and hair. A powerful skin barrier repair agent and intense natural sealant. This butter helps to retain water by creating a protective film - ideal for dry skin and dry hair. Along with its emollient properties, its natural gloss brings a desirable shine to dry, damaged hair and thus an excellent choice for shampoos, conditioners, and highly moisturizing hair and skin care products.

Mango Butter

Mango butter has natural emollient properties which makes it an all time great protective hair butter. Mango Butter has been traditionally used for its skin softening, soothing and protective properties.  It is able to restore flexibility to hair and reduce degeneration of cells. Great to use in the hotter weather because it acts as a natural sun screen (protects from UVA & UVB sun rays).

Avocado butter

This is crushed from the fresh flesh of the avocado fruit and then hydrogenated to yield a soft greenish butter. Avocado butter is a very in vitamins, and has some natural sunscreen properties.

Sweet Almond Butter

Sweet Almond Butter is rich in proteins and vitamin D and can be used to soften and re-condition dry hair. It exhibits good spread-ability on the hair.

Olive Butters

Olive butter is the butter obtained from cold pressed olives. The extracted oil undergoes a unique refining process to collect the unsaponifables. Olive butter possesses all of the natural qualities of olive oil and is similar in feel to shea butter. It has excellent spread ability and can also be used as a massage butter for the skin.

Kokum Butter

Kokum Butter is very similar to cocoa butter but usually chosen as a substitute to cocoa butter in certain formulations because of its uniform triglyceride composition.. Like Cocoa butter and shea butter, Kokum butter offers a large and varied fatty acid blend. It is best used in combination with other butters and oils and is great for twists and twist outs.

Aloe Butter

Aloe Butter is a blend of Aloe Vera extract and cocoa butter or coconut oil to produce a paste type butter that melts on contact with the hair and skin. A great lubricate for dry hair.


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