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Afro Hair Care

Afro HairNatural Afro Hair is the most difficult hair type to maintain simply because of its tight thick wiry curl pattern. Each strand grows in a tiny tight curled state which gives the appearance of much thicker, denser hair when compared to other hair types. Research has shown that all human hair has the same basic chemical composition in terms of keratin protein content, however due to afro hair's wiry kinky pattern it is more difficult for the oil secreted from the scalp to reach the ends of the hair therefore leaving hair dry and easily prone to breakage when brushed or combed. Due to the high degree of kinky curls in natural afro hair, it is impossible for many to draw a comb through the hair; this leaves hair maintenance, time consuming and painful for many African Americans.  While it’s common for Caucasians to comb their hair when dry, it is recommended that those with afro hair comb their hair when wet in order to minimise hair shaft fracture.

Hair shrinkage is another factor that is common with afro hair. Depending on the tightness of the curl, shrinkage can be up to 75% of its true length. This is most evident when hair is wet or has been recently washed. In order to combat shrinkage it’s common for many to turn to chemicals and heat to straighten afro hair’s naturally tight curl pattern however this leaves the hair more susceptible to damage. If you are determined to grow long afro hair its best to avoid heat and result to more natural means to straighten your hair. A common technique is to plait the hair in sections when wet and leave over night. When plaits are taken out, hair is relatively stretched out. Hair will continue to stretch itself over time as long as the hair remains in plaits or you plait it every night before going to bed. Natural oils such as Shea butter and Avocado butter/oil are also good products to use when stretching afro hair naturally.


For general afro hair maintenance we recommend that you try some of the following tips below:

  • Braid or twist hair before going to bed, this will reduce the number of tangles the following day leaving hair easy to style the following morning.
  • Sleep with a silk scarf/bonnet as this will help keep the moisture sealed in your hair. This will also help avoid split ends caused by rubbing on harsh cotton pillow cases.
  • Moisturise hair daily with Hair Naturel’s ‘daily moisturising cream’. Focus especially on the ends as this will help keep hair protected and will avoid breakage.
  • Wash your hair once a week, as mentioned in other articles, water is not an enemy to afro hair but your friend. It is when you use harsh shampoos that contain harsh ingredients such as Laurel sulphate and Parabeans that lead to dry damaged hair. Use a gentle shampoo and then follow up with a deep conditioner such as 'Hair Naturel's Deep Hair Conditioner' designed especially for afro hair types. This ultra nourishing hair conditioner penetrates the inside of the hair shaft, strengthening the hair cuticle thus sealing moisture whilst replenishing the vital oils that give your hair shine and bounce. If you live in a hard water area, you may want to invest in a shower filter.
  • Use a large teeth comb to comb or finger comb detangle you hair. It is always best to comb afro hair whilst conditioning it as this will easily help remove tangles and shed hair.
  • And last, but certainly not least, eat a healthy diet which includes drinking lots of water and eating fresh fruits, vegetables and seeds.


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